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frequently asked questions

E-Gift Card - Terms & Conditions

1. The E-Gift Card is the property of the issuer, Triipi®, whose identity details are shown on the Card or on the e-mail whereby the E-Gift Card is sent, the holder of the Card being a mere user.

2. The E-Gift Card can be purchased through our online store

3. The E-Gift Card is the card provided by Triipi® to the customer.

4. The E-Gift Card can be used as many times as desired until the total amount issued is exhausted.

5. The E-Gift Card can only be redeemed at our online store by inserting the e-gift card’s number in the promo code section at checkout.

6. If the purchase price exceeds the balance available on the E-Gift Card, the difference can be paid through the payment methods available at our online store

7. Products purchased with the E-Gift Card are subject to the same exchange and return policy as any other product purchased in our online store at

8. The E-Gift Card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. At the expiry of the validity period, the card cannot be renewed, or used to purchase goods, nor shall any unused remaining balance in the Card be claimed.

9. The balance of the E-Gift Card cannot be refunded or returned in cash, neither in part or full.

10. The E-Gift Card is a bearer document. Its bearer is solely responsible for its use and custody. Triipi® does not replace the card in case of theft, loss or deterioration.

11. E-Gift Cards originally obtained through any unlawful means shall be null and void and they shall not be used to purchase products, nor shall the price thereof be refunded.

12. The purchase and/or use of the E-Gift Card entails the full acceptance of these terms and conditions, which have been made available to the customer upon purchase of the Card, and which are also available through the online store Triipi® reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

How should I take care of my triipi?

Triipis are fully machine-washable on cold (30ºC) on a gentle cycle. Do not use Dryer. Do not use Bleach. Do not Iron. If your triipi doesn't fit into your washing machine drum, you can remove some of the filling or wash it in a self-service laundry where there are bigger drums.

When outdoors, although the fabric chosen is repellent from moisture and resistant from heat rays, your triipi should not be left in the sun or the rain uninterruptedly.

What is the weight of my triipi?

Our products are very light: triipi BIG weighs about 600/800 grams, triipi readme about 60/80 grams and triipi callme 20/30 grams, depending on the fabric.

Can I wash the filling of my triipi?

Yes, you can! Actually you do not need to remove it.

Triipis are fully machine-washable on cold (30ºC) on a gentle cycle. Should not use dryer. If triipi doesn't fit in your washing machine, then you can wash in a self-service laundry that have bigger drums.

What is the filling of my triipi?

The filling is styrofoam beads because it is the lightest, most ergonomic, it is mildew proof, does not attract or develop bugs, being washable, reusable and recyclable as well!

Although styrofoam beads are not biodegradable, it will not to pollute the air or the water.

Nevertheless, it should be properly packed when disposed of in order to prevent animals from swallowing it.

Is my triipi’s filling toxic?

According to several authorities, styrofoam beads filling is perfectly safe under normal, consumer use.

It is never too much to point out that, in what concerns to children, they should not be left alone for long.

Is triipi BIG enough for all?

Yes, triipi BIG is a bean bag’s new concept that allows it to fit into smaller spaces and be perfectly suited to take outdoors, while it is large enough for adults and small enough for children, sitting or lying down.

It is never too much to point out that, in what concerns to children, they should not be left alone for long.

Why does triipi get flat?

As it is said, styrofoam beads “do not have memory” and once reduced it does not go back to its initial size. You may need to add new beads, from time to time, depending on the weight of the person, the way it is used like kids been jumping over and over, or the excessive heat to which it is exposed.

Still have any questions?

Send us an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor products?

The type of fabrics and the BIG outdoor has a shoulder strap that the BIG indoor doesn't.
- indoor fabric: cotton, wool, linen, etc. - outdoor fabric: water repellent or waterproof

readme indoor vs readme outdoor:
- type of fabric
BIG indoor vs BIG outdoor: - type of fabric - BIG outdoor has a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry it anywhere All products are both fully machine-washable cold (30ºC) on a gentle cycle. Do not use dryer.

Payments and online security

In our online store we have the following payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Transferência Bancária e MBWAY.
The online payment process is done with total security through Stripe's payment system.
For payments with Bank Transfer and MBWAY, on the payments section, please select the option "manual payment" and follow the instructions.

Shipping or Pickup

You can receive your order at an address or pickup at our location in Lisbon. Delivery:
Portugal (mainland): 2-5 business days
Spain: 3-7 business days
Europe & Rest of the world: 3-9 business days
Once your order is ready for pickup you will be notified by email. Once you receive this email, please send us an email to to arrange the date and time for your pickup.

(by appointment only and once your order is ready for pickup)
Rua Arnaldo Ferreira 4J
1750-412 Lisbon, Portugal SHIPPING PROCESS: After the payment is sucessfully made, you will receive an email confirming your order. At that moment your order starts to be processed and will be shipped as soon as possible. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with that information and as soon as your tracking number is available we will send you an email and you can keep track of your order.

If you don't receive this information by email within the period mentioned, we appreciate you contact us so that we may help you ( Triipi® is not responsible for delays and customs costs. These are the customer's responsibility.