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You put money on your account, and you specify in advance the number of loaves you would like and the place you would like to pick them up. You don't have to do this every week; you can just set it and forget it. If you sign up for, say, one loaf every Friday at Ithaca Made, we'll bake it for you every Friday. We'll start your loaf on Wednesday, and we'll bake it Friday. Then we'll bring it to Ithaca Made for you to pick up. To be more precise, it's not that we bake that specific loaf for you. You get to pick from all the loaves remaining at the distribution site when you get there. You are not buying a loaf of bread; rather, you are hiring us to bake! What does this mean? It means that when we get that loaf to the distribution site, and once we have held it till the end of distribution, our part is done. We can’t guarantee that you will come get it! We come with LOTS of bread of many types, so early birds get lots of choice. Late comers not so much. But we always try to have plenty of everything. Finally, it is first-come, first-served. We don't hold particular varieties, and we don't guarantee to bake particular varieties. That said, tell us what you like, what you'd like to try, what cool bread you've heard about... we want to know. We are always interested in baking for you the bread you love. And we want to share with you the bread we love.


Our system is credit based. You don't purchase "weeks" or "seasons." Instead, you simply put money on your account. As long as you're getting bread, we're deducting from the account. Whenever you're on hold, we don't bake for you, and your account sits untouched. You have money in your account, and when it runs low we will send an email to remind you that it’s time to update it. You can pay online with Paypal, e-check, or credit card. You can also pay by check or cash when you see us, or drop the funds in the mail. If you want to pay with a check, please make it out to WIDE AWAKE BAKERY and mail to: Wide Awake Bakery 4361 Buck Hill Rd S Trumansburg, NY 14886


Here's what you can do: you'll see on your account page a "delivery holds" tab. Click that and you'll find a simple calendar widget that lets you put your bread on hold. We won't bake it. You won't get it. And you won't be charged for it. Simple! Once we've started baking for you, the window for change closes, and you can't put your bread on hold. That window closes THREE DAYS before the bake. Why three days? Because it takes that long to bake your bread!


You can sign up for a Crust Fund account at any time, and YES, we do still have room for new members. Your crust fund is NON-REFUNDABLE. Why? The way the Community Supported Bakery functions is simple: when you pay in a lump sum, that gives us a measure of financial security. We use the money you put on your account to pay our employees, purchase materials, fix broken things, and donate bread to causes we support. Missed Bread: If you miss your pickup, the bread is GONE. You are welcome to call to check if we have your loaf at the bakery, but we only guarantee to have your bread at the pickup site until it closes. To Cancel your account: Write us a note with the subject heading "Cancel." Snow Days and other such: If we prepare your bread, but we are unable to deliver it safely, you will STILL be charged for your bread. We are a CSB, a Community Supported Bakery; we do our very best to get you your loaf; you help us when circumstances conspire against us. Together, we keep each other well. Additional Benefits: When you become a member, you get your weekly bread for $5.50 a loaf, which is $1.00 off the retail price of $6.50 ($7.00 at most markets!). AND, as a member, if you want additional loaves at the distribution site or at any of the markets we sell at, you can buy them at the member price of $5.50.


One weird thing about our system is that YOU CANNOT CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT ON YOUR OWN! For some reason with the platform we use, there is no button to click that will cancel your share. Even if your account runs out of money, the Breadshare will not be cancelled! SO, if you do need or want to cancel your account, we ask that you please send us a NOTE or email! You need not explain or apologize; we are grown-ups. You can just write: "Cancel Please"... Of course, many people do send lovely notes, and we do appreciate them. Not to say that we won’t appreciate YOU if you don’t send a lovely note, but the lovely notes are nice.


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